Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dean Gray's American Edit

Dont' Wanna Be An American Edit
Yet another great mash-up album gets slapped with a cease-and-desist order... darn. This guy who appeared out of nowhere, Dean Gray, has created a mash-up album of Green Day's "American Idiot" and everything else. I have only listened to one track, "American Jesus" which is pretty phenominal. It mashes up Kanye West's "Gold Digger" with "American Idiot", Bryan Adam's "Summer Of 69" with "Jesus of Suburbia", and so much more I can't even say it. It's pretty damn awesome but there's one problem- THERE'S NO PLACE TO DOWNLOAD IT! I've looked everywhere, and since I missed "Grey Tuesday", I can't find any site to download it from! If you want more details on Dean Grey or American Edit, goto

MacJams: The GarageBand User's Paradise

For all of you who use Apple's GarageBand music-making software and think to yourself "Hmmm, I have a masterpiece I just made and I soooo want to let other GB users hear my stuff!" Think no further, is here! At, you're thrown into the middle of a vast community of GarageBand musicians. "But what if people are awesomely better than me?" No need to be intimidated, ihas members who range from silly loop users to intense musical geniuses. You and other users can browse, download, rate, and review music uploaded by people like you. So after you upload a song to MacJams, it's almost guaranteed you'll get a bunch of reviews from the other MacJammers online. Bottom line: is the best GarageBand community out there.

The Grey Album

The Album Cover
I swear, this Danger Mouse guy- the genius behind Demon Days and DangerDoom- is prolly one of the coolest guys ever. What's really cool is he made a whole mash-up album of Jay-Z's Black ALbum and the Beatles White Album creating... The Grey Album. I downloaded this one at least half a year ago, and I still can't stop listening to it. It's ingenious and so fun to listen to. MY favorite track is "Dirt Off Your Shoulders", where at the beginning, it seems all hippie and boring, but qucikly evolves into a pimpin song with beats and voclas and everything. You can download it at a side project of Downhill Battle. You should definately download the Grey Album now, as you should other albums on So take my word for it, and download the damn thing!

Get Your Bootleg On

I've recently been hooked on mash-ups. Mash-ups are different songs merged together into one to create a musical masterpiece. A mash-up you might of heard is "Numb/Encore" by Jay-Z and Linkin Park. Other words for mash-up are mash, bootleg, or simply: boot. Seeing this, it's only appropriate to talk about an awesome website: This is an online community devoted to the creating, listening, and distrubution of mash-ups, and believe me, it's pretty bitchin'. You should check it out now.

The Music Genome Project

A bunch of musicians decided to come together and create a system that catergorizes music to the tiniest details. What did they get? Pandora, of course. Pandora (found at is this awesome website thing, where you punch in your fave song/band/genre of music, it goes to it's giant computer, and BAM! You have a song streamed right to the browser. But you can go even further! Click "Next Track", and Pandora finds a song that has the same kind of groove from the last song you played, based on tiny details of the music you listen to. You can discover 50 of "your-new-fave-bands". I sure did! Go there NOW!!!

Tired Of Gwen Stefani?

Well I sure am! Luckily, this cool dude who goes by the name of "The CaCa Man" made a perfect parody of Gwen Stefani's :Hollaback Girl" with a song called "Stinky Shit". It's full of poop humor, high-pitched voices, and mentions Chewbacca. Schweet! You can download this song here. To find more songs by the CaCa Man, goto Awesome...